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B1M Bloopers 2015

The B1M | @TheB1M



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The B1M are total pros at video production… apparently. In this light hearted video, we invite you to come behind the scenes and take a look at the outtakes from the videos we made in 2015!

The 4 minute clip reveals some hilarious line fluffing and interruptions for The B1M’s Co-Founders Fred Mills and Tom Payne, Digital Node’s Rebecca De Cicco, Social Strategist Su Butcher and the UK BIM Task Group’s David Philp. There’s also a look at what happened after the blending in our first D-Construct episode.

Su Butcher on set filming #SocialBIM Series 2

The bloopers video features outtakes from the making of the following videos (in order of appearance), take a look to see how things turned out in the end!

Thank you to everyone that has supported us in 2015… we’ll start collecting material for the 2016 bloopers video now!

"The B1M are total pros… apparently"

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Anonymous • 23-Dec-2015 01:20 PM

Haha. I don't remember any swearing Su?

Anonymous • 23-Dec-2015 12:32 PM

Considerably less swearing than I expected (or did...)

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