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3 Things I Love About Construction: Hudson Holt

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Hudson Holt, Site Manager at main contractor Osborne, shares what he loves about construction as part of our series highlighting everything that’s great about our industry! See others sharing what they love in our Love Construction playlist.


First up for Hudson is the feeling that comes with building something to support people or businesses in achieving their goals. He loves the legacy that working in construction leaves behind for wider society.

“We’re building something that lasts” he explained. “Whether it’s a school, a hospital or a library, there’s a reason behind building that building”.


“It’s not just about building a building. It’s about building relationships” explains Hudson.

Working as a Site Manager for a main contractor, he encounters hundreds of people every day. They range from the different trades and contractors working on site, through to the architect and engineers in the design team and ultimately the customer and end users.

“It’s not just about building a building. It’s about building relationships"

“Building those relationships really counts for something” he adds. “It’s fundamental to delivering a successful project”.


Topping the list for Hudson is job satisfaction. He loves the feeling that comes with having to apply himself each and every day on site, working with colleagues to plan and look ahead to the next phases and tasks.

He explains that seeing the near-immediate impact of his decisions is particularly rewarding: “You see it straight away. Whether it’s a big concrete pour or big pieces of plant such as tower cranes being erected, those instant results are very fulfilling in your day-to-day work”.

"You see it straight away. Those instant results are very fulfilling in your day-to-day work”

Leaving a legacy: Hudson highlights that many buildings built hundreds of years ago - such as cathedrals - are still serving their purpose today (image courtesy of Eluveitie).

We would love to know what you LOVE about construction! Add your thoughts in the comments below or if you’d like to take part in a video, get in touch with us.

Hudson is a Site Manager at Osborne.

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