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3 Things I Love About Construction: Ben Stuart

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Ben Stuart of Make Architects shares what he loves about construction as part of our series highlighting everything that’s great about our industry!

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First up for Ben is the incredible, physical scale of the built environment. He highlights London’s Shard, standing 310m (1,016 feet) tall above London Bridge Quarter as one of his favourite buildings: “I am a massive fan of the Shard. When I found out how it was built I found it even more impressive”

“The more I’ve looked into other tall buildings, the more in awe I am that people can make these things. It’s easy to take it for granted. They’re 300-400m high and their mind-blowing” adds Ben.

London’s Shard stands 310m high and is the tallest building in Europe. Image courtesy of Daniel Chapman.


As an Architect, Ben loves that he can see projects go from initial inception right through to completion and occupation. 

“You can sit down with a client, you can have that very first conversation and hear all their ambitions and hopes for what they want their project to be” he explains. “Then down the line you see that first occupant coming in and experiencing the building. To me that’s amazing. There’s very few roles in construction where you have that wholesale view of the entire industry”

The experience of your work becoming realised in physical building is another great aspect of working in the industry. This is fantastic for morale and for feeling like your efforts and input over a project’s delivery phase have really paid off.

Ben explains: “When you finish a project there’s a complete article that you can show people and say: I worked on that”. He cites UBS’s new headquarters at 5 Broadgate as an example of a scheme that he played a part in at Make, which he was then able to watch being constructed from his home in North London.

Ben worked as part of the Make Architects team on 5 Broadgate in the City of London. Image courtesy of Make Architects and John Madden.

We would love to know what you LOVE about construction! Add your thoughts in the comments below or if you’d like to take part in a video, get in touch with us.

Ben Stuart is an architect at Make, he also runs the fantastic Create More Podcast. You can listen to his chat with The B1M’s Fred Mills on Acast and iTunes.

“The more I’ve looked into tall buildings, the more in awe I am that people can make these things. They’re mind-blowing”

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Images used courtesy of: Daniel Chapman (The Shard, United Kingdom), Make Architects + John Madden (5 Broadgate, United Kingdom), Citizen59 (Dubai skyline, United Arab Emirates), Qilei Cai (Shanghai skyline, China) and Holger Staffansson (opening titles, second image).


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