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3 Things I Love About Construction

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Construction can often get some bad press. There is also a lot of determination to change it at the moment which means that the bad stuff tends to get highlighted and discussed more than the good bits. That’s not a great advert for our industry, especially for those thinking of pursuing a career in our sector. So in this series, we ask people the 3 things they love about construction.

The first edition features The B1M’s Co-Founder Fred Mills.

First-off Fred cites the people who work in the industry, highlighting the dry humour that is particularly prevalent on construction sites in the United Kingdom (UK).

He also draws attention to the many unsung heroes who play such key roles in projects: “They’re the people that make construction go round. The sum of their efforts adds up to some incredible achievements like the London 2012 Olympic Park, the Freedom Tower in New York and incredible feats of engineering like the Millau Viaduct in France”.

“Unsung heroes make construction go round. The sum of their efforts adds up to some incredible achievements”

Fred highlights “incredible feats of engineering” such as the Millau Viaduct in southern France. Image courtesy of Phillip Capper

“Then there’s the really inspirational people who have a way of thinking about things or approaching problems that’s just bowls you over” he continues. “Regardless of job titles or hierarchy they’re the people that everyone looks up to and who really move the industry on”.

Next, Fred explains that he loves the interest and variety that comes with applying yourself to different projects: “You’re always meeting new people, travelling to places and seeing parts of your country or the world you haven’t seen before. It keeps you challenged and helps you grow”.

“You’re always meeting new people, travelling to places and seeing different parts of the world. It keeps you challenged and helps you grow”

Finally, Fred talks about the transformational impact construction can have on people’s lives and how fulfilling that can be.

He describes first feeling that on his first project; Phase 1 of the £25M Beckenham Hospital redevelopment in South London, completed in 2007.

“When we handed it over, seeing the faces of patients coming in and the faces of the staff working in that new facility was an incredibly rewarding experience. To be able to stand back and say ‘yeah I played a part in that’ was a great feeling”

Beckenham Hospital in South East London – now known as ‘The Beckenham Beacon’ – under construction in 2006.

We would love to know what you LOVE about construction! Add your thoughts in the comments below or if you’d like to take part in a video, get in touch with us.

We welcome you sharing our content to inspire others, but please be nice and play by our rules.

Images used courtesy of: John Gillespie (Freedom Tower, United States), Phillip Capper (Millau Viaduct, France) and Fred Mills (London 2012 Olympic Park and Beckenham Beacon, United Kingdom).


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