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The B1M's Most Extreme Videos of 2019

Tim Gibson

19 December 2019

OVER the past 12 months we’ve explored some incredible construction projects around the world, taking you to the extremes of what engineering and architecture can accomplish.

From liveable homes that are less than a metre wide, to construction sites on the frozen tundras of the Antarctic, to glass slides that curl around the edge of skyscrapers - strap yourself in, hold your breath, and take a plunge into our most extreme videos of 2019.


Would you live in a house that’s just 92 centimetres wide? Or pray in a church that’s only 1.6 metres across?

In this video, we travelled the world looking for extreme examples of slender architecture.

The motivations for building so thin are as bizarre and stubborn as the buildings themselves - from creative tax avoidance in Amsterdam, to revenge in Beirut’s famous “Grudge House”.

From thin to thinner, breathe in and get ready to experience the world's thinnest buildings for yourself.      


How far would you go for a scare? In this special halloween video we looked at how some of the world’s most famous skyscrapers have been retrofitted with incredible, fear-inducing thrill rides.

From glass boxes that dangle 300 metres above street level in Melbourne, to roller-coasters and see-saws that plunge off the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, this video is not for the faint hearted!


Five hours by plane from the nearest town, in temperatures that barely peak above freezing during the summer and contending with some remarkable challenges - this is by far, the world’s most extreme construction site! 

Our planet's polar regions are among the most remote and hostile environments known to humankind - but while these worlds may feel detached from our everyday lives what happens here, in fact, affects us all.

For more than a century research teams have studied these environments to learn more about our planet as a whole and to monitor how it is responding to man-made climate change.

Now, to ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of research, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have partnered with specialist contractor BAM to upgrade a number of the Survey's sites in Antarctica.


Mass communication has shaped our modern world. To deliver broadcasts and ensure connectivity over vast distances, man-made and naturally high vantage points have been used to mount communication equipment, for decades.

Rising to unbelievable heights, broadcasting to millions and becoming landmarks in their own right, these freestanding towers are among the tallest structures ever built. 

While cities like New York are able to take advantage of existing skyscrapers to mount these critical elements of infrastructure, other urban centres often lack structures of comparable height. In response, engineers developed free-standing towers capable of rising to significant heights.

These structures are classified differently to radio or TV masts, as they are capable of supporting themselves without the need for tension cables.  They are also distinct from skyscrapers, as they are not intended for habitation.  


While most conventional structures are designed with a clearly defined centre of mass, advancements in engineering, construction materials and building techniques have allowed some architects and engineers to conceive a range of awe-inspiring structures that seemingly defy the laws of physics.

From floating museums that reach into other countries, to breathtaking cantilevered sky gardens and truly terrifying observation platforms, these structures appear to defy gravity.


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