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South Africa's $5BN mega city, a daring new Korean landmark and more of this week’s top stories

Tim Gibson

16 October 2020


IN case you missed it, this week’s top stories included a countdown of the world’s greatest science megaprojects, the opening of a pivotal new American bridge, and a USD $5BN mega city in South Africa.


Mooikloof Mega City” will be the largest development of its kind in South African history.

Located just east of Pretoria, the USD $5BN project will include the construction of 50,000 apartments over the next decade.

It's expected to bring in more than USD $4.5BN to the South African economy and create an estimated 41,000 jobs.

But the project is not without its controversy, with many critics of the plan claiming that the development will not go far enough to help the country’s housing crisis.

Above: Mooikloof is expected to create 41,000 jobs (image courtesy of Balwin Properties).


After seven years of construction, the Gerald Desmond Bridge has finally opened in Long Beach, California.

While you may not have heard of this bridge before, it will prove to be one of the country’s most important crossings.

The 3.2 kilometre long structure connects the city with a key American port on Terminal Island that carries more than 15 percent of all imported goods into the United States.

The Terminal Island port is regarded as one of the largest in the world, more than 2.5 million American jobs are related to it and more than USD $170BN worth of cargo passes through it every year.

Above: The new bridge will cary 15% of America's imported goods (image courtesy of Port of Long Beach).


The South Korean city of Cheongju has revealed a dramatic new city hall.

The new buildings are a unique mix of architectural styles, with the contemporary buildings playfully integrating with the original city hall.

The new buildings “fold” around the existing structure in a series of large open frames, while paying homage to traditional Korean architecture by modelling their roofs off Korean houses.

The landmark new project will be completed in 2025.

Above: The new city hall will be an iconic landmark for the city of Cheongju (images courtesy of Snøhetta and Tomoon Architects and Engineers).


Witness the incredible megaprojects that made scientific breakthroughs possible.

From vast satellite dishes the size of valleys to polar bases at the very ends of the Earth and cutting-edge facilities that help take us beyond our own planet, the construction sector’s collaborations with the world of science have dramatically advanced our species.

Want more top stories? Stay up-to-date and take a look at what happened in the construction industry last week.


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